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The Pollution Control Board has
been established as a regulatory authority for implementing variious pollution control laws. The board is committed to provide polloution free environment to the people of state. The Board has undertaken various studies of underground water, solil and air to take remedial steps to control pollution.

   Fly Ash Mandatory in Construction Works near Power Plant

Now the use of fly ash in all types of building construction work has been made compulsory within 100 kms radius of the power plants.

Lately a new circular is issued by the Forest and Environment Ministry of the Central Government to ensure the maximum use of fly ash produced from all the power plants in all construction work within 100 kms.  Use of at least 25% fly ash has been made compulsory.

Acordingly to information it would be the responsibility of the construction agencies approving designs, to use fly ash bricks, tiles, cement fly ash and such other productions or materials within time bound programme.

The state government would be the enforcing and monitoring authority to ensure compliance of these provisions.  Before approving the design any agency or person would ensure the use of fly ash within 100 kms radius of the power plant in the building of roads and fly over as per the guidelines issued by (I.R.C.) Indian Road Congress. 

The Board has made an appeal to all fly ash producing units and various government departments to take appropriate steps to ensure compliance with the circular issued on August 27, 2003 in order that the serious problem like fly ash could be brought under control.